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2018 Boss Fight Advent Details

Welcome to Boss Fight Studio's Holiday Advent Event!!

For the 1st seventeen days of December, we will be offering daily deals on our popular Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S figures, our BASICs, Blanks, Accessory Kits, and much more.
Then, on December 26th we will have our popular Boss Fight Mystery Boxes available.
It all begins on December 1st at midnight EST, and each sale will go live at midnight each following day (at which time the previous day's promotion will end).
Here are the details for each day of the Holiday Advent Event!!
  • 12/1:  Eos Warrior & Helios Warrior Bundle $39.99
  • 12/2: Orc Battle Bundle, order 1 Male Orc Conqueror, 1 Female Orc Conqueror, 1 Blasted Lands Orc, 1 Female Blasted Lands Orc, & 1 Orc Hunter BASIC for $99.96
  • 12/3: Gorgon Army! Order any 4 of our Gorgon figures and receive a fifth Gorgon for free! (Gorgon figures are any of our figures with snake bodies).
  • 12/4: 10% Customizer discount - Includes all Blanks, Accessory Packs, Skeleton Blanks, Mini-Kits & Character Kits - use the code "CUSTOMIZER" at checkout.
  • 12/5: 20% Bucky O'Hare Collection discount on figures (excludes lunch box and pre-orders) - use code "BUCKY" at checkout.
  • 12/6: Free Fantasy 4-poster set with any $100 purchase or more.

  • 12/7: 20% off all Greek Series products - use code "GREEK" at checkout.

  • 12/8: Greek Accessory Set Bundle $12.99. Get set A & B of one color plus the corresponding Enhancement pack.
  • 12/9: Fantasy Character Builder Value Pack - 1 Character Kit & 1 Fantasy Blank for $20. 

  • 12/10: 3 Basic Figure bundle (includes: Amazonian Archer, Accord Guard, & Orc Hunter) for $54.97!

  • 12/11: Nail Polish and Figure Bundle $29.98! Includes figure and corresponding polish: Medusa, Narissa, Lacuna,  Aiyana, Anakritis, Cherry Blossom, Aspen, Serpentess, Colubrida (VERY LIMITED QUANTITIES)

  • 12/12: King’s Court 3 Pack: $59.99 (includes: King Lance Steelblade, Knight of Accord, and Accord Guard)!

  • 12/13: Magic User Packs - Buy Felonious or Lord Vehemous and receive some extra magic accessories. (These items will be added to the order and won't be seen on the store or at checkout).

  • 12/14: Wave 4 Figure Bundle Pack - receive a $5 gift card with purchase of both the Barbarian and Gargoyle! (Gift Cards will be sent out, via email, soon after 12/14/18)

  • 12/15: Amazon bundle - Penthesilia, Amazon, and Amazon Archer figure set $59.99

  • 12/16: 50% off of ALL greek series 2-packs (Eternal Struggle, Celestial, and Ghosts of the Battlefield)! Use code "2PACK" at checkout!

  • 12/17: 25% off of ALL glow in the dark and transparent items (figures, blanks, and accessories)! Use code "GLOW" at checkout!

  • 12/26: Boxing Day Special: $50 Mystery Boxes (limited quantity)

  • 1/1: Fates of Fortune – FILL YOUR CART ON New Year’s Day!  - All completed purchases made on New Year’s Day will be entered into a drawing for ONE customer to receive EVERYTHING in their cart for FREE!

Be sure to check back for more deals.

 *All savings will be seen at checkout.

(For all "bundle" deals, customers will need to add each of the mentioned items to there cart in order to get the promotion.)

If you are having trouble with a bundle item, try using the webstore instead of the app.